Erin has an amazing eye for design and color! My husband and I once spent days going back and forth over which walls to paint an accent color. She came in and showed us which ones to paint and the end result was amazing! I think we'd still be fighting over it had we not contacted her. If I have any design or decorating issues, she is always my first call!

— R.G.

When I first stepped into the McConnell Home, what struck me most was the palpable welcoming feeling each room has.  Erin's use of varying but supporting textures, colors and design elements creates a usable and welcoming classic style.  Having consulted her on design projects since, I have been impressed at her innate eye for design and true passion for bringing beauty into both indoor and outdoor spaces.  Erin herself is genuine and welcoming, bringing her clients a real sense of being heard and taken care of.  I would recommend her services hands down. 



Erin once helped me unpack and organize my kitchen. I couldn't believe her intuition and thought process for where things should go. It really helped my kitchen flow be more smooth and functional. Still to this day, I think about her tips each and every time I have moved. 


Erin's keen eye to detail and the understanding of my wants, created an amazingly soft, welcoming, space for my massage studio. She made the whole process feel fun and playful. 

- C.L. In Harmony Massage